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Experiences Bali Swing, Rafting, Rice Fields, Trekking, Ubud

Escape to Ubud’s Lush Nature

Once in a while, all you need is a refreshing change on your typical Bali holiday of soaking up the sun, surfing and partying. Skip your beach itinerary for a while. Pack your bag to escape from the busy southern parts of Bali and head over a bit north to the lush Ubud: Bali’s cultural hub, natural wellness center, spiritual capital, and home for artists.

Here’s a glimpse of Ubud setting: amongst rice fields and luscious tropical forests. Now you might be thinking it’s everywhere on the island, but Ubud is the major destination to experience the green landscapes of Bali.

Monkey Forest

The top must-visit to experience Ubud nature is the most popular Sacred Monkey Forest in the city center. It’s a natural habitat to Balinese long-tailed monkeys and a complex of Balinese Hindu temples. As a perfect spot to visit on a sunny day, it allows you to feel cool, fresh air of the forest. Bananas are available to buy if you want to feed the monkeys, but be extra careful when interacting with them. The monkeys here don’t tend to bite, but they can be jumping around you once they spot food or attractive accessories on you. Don’t wear flashy valuables and keep your distance.

Swing Ride

Keen for some adrenaline-pumping experience? Try soaring above Ubud’s greeneries with swing ride! There have been many places offering this activity since Ubud swing photos on Instagram blew up. You can visit Bongkasa Pertiwi Swing (also known as Bali Swing), the first swing ride in Ubud to get spectacular views of jungles, coconut trees, and Ayung River. Arriving before 9 in the morning is recommended, as you might have to wait in a long queue due to its popularity. But, the stunning views are worth it!

Bali Swing


Explore scenic valleys in Tegalalang, just a 20-minute drive from Ubud center. Wander around the green layers of rice fields and enjoy the countryside atmosphere. Come early morning when the sun is not too hot and the light bathes the landscape perfectly. A bit away from the city center is Campuhan Ridge, where you can walk up the hiking trail between two rivers. Boasting panoramic views of tropical forests and green rice fields, this accessible hiking route is nice to indulge in Ubud’s natural beauty from the hilltop.


If you travel to Ubud in the wet season from November to March, it’s the best time to go rafting. Ayung River, the longest river in Bali, has calm water and unspoiled surroundings, making it ideal for families and beginners. You will be amazed by luscious tropical jungles as you navigate the white-water streams. Pick Telaga Waja River for more thrills. Located only one-hour drive from Ubud, its fast currents and challenging rapids are fun and exciting!

It’s not easy to explore and admire the natural beauty of Ubud in a short time. We recommend base your trip in Ubud, reserve a couple of days to stay around. Plus, it also gives you time to visit the nearby areas to discover waterfalls, volcano trekking, and other fun activities in nature!