COVID-19 Guest Information: safety and health protocols

Responding to the current climate of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Exotic Hideaways is aware that health and safety are at the forefront for our guests and staff. Therefore, we would like to inform our guests that in accordance with the government & World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 guideline and policy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus, we are implementing the safety and health protocols standards to make your stay enjoyable at our villas.

Exotic Hideaways is committed to providing peace of mind for our guests before booking and staying at our villas. Our commitment includes:

Medical mask

Face masks and hand sanitizers

Social distancing

Social distancing


Extensive cleaning and disinfection process

Exotic Hideaways will keep on following every health and safety protocol to maintain a safe environment at our villas. To help you and our staff safe, we highly advise our guests to follow our health and safety protocols including to wash hands regularly with soap and running water or hand sanitizers if it is not accessible, as well as maintain social distancing and wear masks in public areas.

Important highlight

To reduce direct contact, Exotic Hideaways villas provide a non-contact check-in for guests prior to arrival as well as a contactless check-out option. As well as our staff has received a COVID-19 health and safety training including to keep a social distance awareness and to use personal protective masks in the right procedure.

1. Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers

In response to the government and WHO policy, guests and staff are required to wear masks at all times when interacting.

We also ensure all guests receive access to surgical masks along with hand sanitizers for peace of mind.

2. Social Distancing

We will implement social distancing guidelines on daily excursions.

Exotic Hideaways is enhancing social distancing measures in public spaces. Guests and staff are required to maintain a minimum of 1-meter distance prior to any direct contact.

3. Cleaning and Hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene is always a priority at our managed villas. Now more than ever it’s more than critical, we are increasing the cleaning and disinfecting schedule.

Exotic Hideaways promise to follow strict cleaning protocols to keep everyone safe prior to your arrival and throughout your stay.

Our housekeeping teams have access to disinfectants and cleaning chemicals to help reduce any germs or impurities.

We will ensure that your villa is sanitized and disinfected prior to your arrival and in between your stays.

Additional information

With our interest in public health and safety as well as with compliance with the government policy and regulations, we recommend guests to not travel if you have been exposed or have the COVID-19 symptoms. We also encourage guests to do a COVID-19 test before entering a certain country corresponding to government policy. If you started to feel any COVID-19 symptoms during your stay, please inform our staff, the local authorities, and your medical practitioner.

As Exotic Hideaways is ready to welcome your stay with our hospitality service while keeping up with the New Normal routine, we believe in responsible and safe travel while staying at one of Exotic Hideaways villas by following health and safety protocols shared by the Government, World Health Organization (WHO), and local government.

Please contact us for any questions and inquiries regarding your stay or our preventive measures and protocols at Exotic Hideaways. We will do everything possible to make your stay at our villas as safe and comfortable as possible. Book your Exotic Hideaways villa now!