Overall, fantastic experience.
Food was amazing!
Staff was extremely welcoming and friendly!
We had a terrific time!

Paul Cantera – 

Both families had a fantastic time, thank you very much

Peter Boa – 

We had a fantastic time and hope to come again. The staff were amazing and the villa was perfect for our requirements. Thank you!

Andrew Gibbons and Blair Hassall – 

We would like to plan to come again in the future! Our golf trip was excellent and the ladies working were fantastic!

Tom Jones – 

We absolutely enjoyed our stay in villa 54! Pari and Kadek were very welcoming and extremely kind and friendly. The meals were excellent. Everyone took good care of us. we love the house and golf course.

Caroline Risch – 

The food prepared by Pari & Kadek were so yummy! The staff really made us feel at-home. My three small children loved them! Thank you for the warm Bali hospitality. We will definitely be back!

The Mian Family – 

Amazing views,
Lovely villa
Great staff !
Hope to be back :)

Jo Shearer –