It was very lovel!manager was perfedt organized and friendly!

FREED KLOOPERS – 2018-11-15

Most beautiful place we have ever stayed <3 All staff are amazing and can not do enough for you!! Thank you :)

LAURENT HOPKINS – 2018-11-15

The staff were great. Teo was very helpful and available for us. Thank you.

Reyes Ling – 2018-10-05

Most beautiful place we have ever stayed <3 All staff are amazing and cannot do enough for you! Thank you :)

Lauren Hopkins – 2018-10-02

Fantastic villa, superb design. Everything thought through. Staff were great very kind and considerate.

Stephen Manghan – 2018-05-10

Extremely pleased with overall service, Looking forward to come again! All staffs are so wonderfull, free to contact us to specifice. Chef is excellent!!

Connie Neo – 2018-05-09

We had a great time and all the staff were amazing

Daniel Neiklejohn – 2018-05-09

Gun Gun and the staff were invaluable. Rather than impeding privacy, we looked forward to seeing them. Their local insights made the trip unforgetable.

Joseph Meadows – 2018-05-09

We are so sad to leave everyone here. Villa Champuhan was amazing, helpful, friendly, and made this a true holiday for us all. Thank you so very much.

Mark Biallas – 2018-05-09

We absolutely LOVED our stay here!
The staff treated us like family - I have never stayed somewhere with this level of fabulous hospitality!
The food was beyond delicious and always prepared and served with big smile. The staff so graciously helped me while my husband was away and i had a sick child. Gun Gun and Made helped us plan each day and keep us safe and happy on all % of our trips. I could go on and on about how wonderful everyone here is!!
Thank you for making our holiday so special.
Much Love,
The Cooks
Birmingham - USA

Richard & Anna Cook – 2018-05-09

Fantastic Venue! Fabulous staff who looked after our every need especially on our wedding day. The chef is excellent.

Neil Berryman – 2018-05-09

The quiet secluded paradise of villa Champuhan is magnificient! The staff is always at your service and the accomodations are breathtaking. Chef Komang and his creations are deserving of 5 stars at any world class hotel! An experience that will never be forgotten!
Thank you

Will Schmidt and Family – 2018-05-08

Look forward to the next visit again, special thanks to all staff they do an excellent job

Patrick de'Boer – 2018-05-08

Our stay was amazing! The facilities are beautiful. The staff are so helpful - Kind, patient, respectful, talented and professional. We didnt want to leave and cant wait to come back.

Robert Dicey – 2018-05-08

Everything was exceeding our exectations. We had a great time. Thanks to all the staff - you do an excellent job. Hope to see you all again.

Siri Harper – 2018-05-08

Thanks for your great service. We will come back soon.

Monica Chen – 2018-05-07

Love, Love, Love !!

Sharon Barday – 2018-05-07

Excellent staff, stunning Villa, Thanks for great stay

Nilesh Navlakha – 2018-05-06

Excellent The top 3 villas I have stayed in Bali

Lin Kuan Yu – 2018-05-06

The food was amazing. The manager Gun Gun was very attentive. All of the staff were amazing. We loved it.

Bettina Vos – 2018-05-06

Villa Champuhan is amazing! We loved every minutes of our stay and will definitely come back Komang is an excellent cook, and Ridi couldn't be more helpful Can't wait to come back!

Blisan Foudy – 2018-05-05

A wonderful experience for our family. Thank you! The villa staff are fabulous.

Bernard Tognini – 2018-05-05

Beautiful place and great staff - very well done. Thank you

Rani Moehler – 2018-05-03

We're just had the best vacation ever! Thank you for all your kindness and hospitality! We love Villa Champuhan and we'll surely come back :)

Georgine Tan Co – 2018-05-03

Amazing! We love you Villa Champuhan your the best!

Chris Hudson – 2018-05-03

Villa Champuhan and it's staff have given us a wonderful vacation filled with memories and experiences that our family will treasure forever. It is a unique piece of paradise. Thank you.

Anthony Brown – 2018-05-03

Look forward to our next visit again. Special thanks to all staff, they do an excellent job

Alex Woodthorpe – 2018-05-02

We will never forget our beautiful experience at Villa Champuhan. The staff were so lovely and the villa itself is truly amazing. Thank you!

Renae Moore – 2018-05-02

Let's fish again one day Bapak Gde, Thank you for your kindness

Easter Sirait – 2018-05-01

Overall - Awesome!! Our second stay at villa Champuhan & we're looking forward to our next! This villa, next to a peaceful river, is beautifully relaxing. The swimming pools are gorgeous & used by all of us daily. The rooms are very well maintained - 5 star service all around. The grounds fit perfectly in this Balinese scene. Bpk. Ridi oversees all and is a great help. Bpk. Komang the chef is truly a master! serving Balinese, Indonesian, and Western foods so deliciously - no need to leave the villa to eat out. Thanks so very much.

Rani Moehler – 2018-05-01

Thank you for everything! Everything have been perfect

Cornelius Nilsson – 2018-05-01